Customized Hydro-Jelly Mask

We offer an assortment of Hydro-Jelly masks as add-on treatments to take your facial to the next level. These Hydro-Jelly masks act as a vacuum seal to lock in moisture and push beneficial ingredients deeper into skin. There is a mask for every skin condition and concern. $20 per mask

Aromatherapy Blend

Immerse into the relaxation experience and enhance any facial treatment with a blend of essential oils to promote physical and spiritual well-being. $15

CBD Oil Shoulder, Décolleté, Arm, & Hand Massage

Dive deep into a state of relaxation with a CBD oil shoulder, décolleté, arm, & hand massage add-on to any facial treatment. CBD oil is therapeutic for the mind and body,  provides antioxidant support, and helps diminish the appearance of long-term concerns like fine lines and wrinkles. *Non-psychoactive CBD Oil is used. Certified less than …