Clinical Skin

Cavitation Therapy

Ultrasonic cavitation is a non-invasive procedure. The low-frequency sound waves influence the fat layer with the heating and vibrating, this action destroys the fat cells and removing them from the body in a natural way as a liquid. This method flushes fat from the body without any surgical treatment. Results do vary, depending on the area treated.

The ultrasound cavitation treatment results in: Localized reduction of fat, Body contouring, and Slimming.
In order to achieve stable results after the cavitation session the skin care professional triggers the lymphatic drainage through various techniques like vacuum or manual lymphatic massage. The increased lymphatic circulation helps to excrete the wastes of collapsed adipocytes.

Pre-treatment consultation required.

Series of 6 Treatments • $960

Series of 8 Treatments • $1,280

Series of 10 Treatments • $1,550